There is no security company like PurePoint International. For 10 years, our vision is to create a more consciously secure world for billions of people by empowering businesses to create consciously secure businesses, workplaces and communities. Our mission is to make PurePoint International your preferred security provider by delivering outstanding value and innovating the best holistic security products, services, and trainings in the world. See our values of security, humanism, leadership and partnership in action here. Our  values are reflected in the clients we serve,  our services, events and blog posts.

Headquartered in New York City, as a mission driven company, PurePoint International stands out for their unique holistic approach to security. PurePoint International is disrupting the security market by providing affordable training and outsourced Principal Information Security Officer (PISO) consulting services, cyber technology solutions, conducts risk assessments and employee training on cyber and physical security, privacy, information protection, and threat prevention. PurePoint International provides affordable physical security and cybersecurity consulting services for financial services,  insurance, law firms, health services, social enterprises, international non-profits, conscious business leaders in journalism, fashion, beauty, retail, luxury, and women founded, owned or led businesses.

Security risks to businesses are inevitable, but the decision to learn the risks or ignore them is a choice. Everyone has a right to a safe and empowered workplace no matter how small your business is. We understand security is not your priority. Let us teach you the basics and give you a secure foundation for your business. Then as you need us, we will take care of the rest.

Social Good Values 

PurePoint helps individuals feel safe, confident, and secure at work, traveling and in navigating the journey of life. Our work is creating a safer, more secure, global environment for women to raise their children, economically provide for their families, receive an education and simply live their lives how they choose to, without fear or intimidation. This includes social and environmental sustainability. As a result, it is our hope that helping to elevate the role women play in the global consciousness of creating a more peaceful world manifests to a more secure world for billions of people. This means working with businesses and organizations, with similar values, to increase people’s own sense of personal security. It also means supporting filmmakers, social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders through our initiative Security for Social Impact living the vision of creating secure communities for billions of people. “I believe in a world where taking refuge in inclusion increases the safety and freedom of people everywhere.” Jessica Robinson


Partial List of Clients

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Other Clients

Financial Services, Credit Union – Confidential

Energy Company – Confidential

Law Firm – Confidential

Health Care Association – Confidential

Health Care Practice – Confidential

Advertising Company, Confidential

Consulting Company – Confidential

 NY Based  Nonprofit – Confidential

Insurance Company, NY based – Confidential

Insurance Company, East Coast – Confidential

Insurance Association – Confidential

Law Start Up – Confidential

Law Tech Company – Confidential

Security Tech Company – Confidential

Film Production Company – Confidential

Policy Nonprofit – Confidential

Security Tech Nonprofit – Confidential

Technology Consulting Firm

PurePoint International Speaking and Media

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