The Consciously Secure Leader

Winning the war on cybersecurity means winning more of the everyday battles.

The Consciously Secure Leader

Winning the war on cybersecurity means winning more of the everyday battles.


Hi, I’m Jessica Robinson.

Jessica Robinson is a keynote speaker and CEO of PurePoint International helping people and companies to create significant results in bridging the gap between physical and cyber security.

PurePoint is the security company of choice for innovative, forward thinking and women led businesses globally and is the winner of the JCI Philippines-New York ICON of IMPACT Award for International Affairs and Women’s Security for their creative approach to security.

Jessica, a cybersecurity practitioner and outsourced CISO, with a non-traditional background, is known for her unique approach to security and undeniable results with clients, in companies of all sizes, with her approach of “cybersecurity is love.”

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What People are Saying

It was a pleasure hearing Jessica speak at the Cyber Summit USA conference. She stood out with her understanding of the issues, in the way she clarified or added to fellow speakers’ observations, and by providing new insights they in turn seemed to appreciate.

– Leila L. Lau
Senior Project Strategy & Planning Lead
L3 Project Advisors, LLC

We had the pleasure of having Jessica at Paranoia 2019 in Oslo, Norway. She is a very engaging speaker, who gets her points thru in a way that sticks and makes you go home and reflect. Jessica is an inspiring role model for young girls in the industry, which is so important in the work of closing the cyber security skills gap.

– Anette Roll Richardson
CEO at Watchcom Security Group AS

Jessica has an approach that helps to explain cybersecurity in a non-complicated or technical way. She is also an engaging speaker.

– David K.
IP Attorney

The day went exceptionally well, and you were a very big part of that.  Your session was really great! So much of what you said resonated with the crowd – one of the highest rated sessions – the excitement around Cybersecurity was visible and exciting. I have and continue to receive some very amazing feedback! Thanks again for agreeing to come and share your world.

– Beverly Y. Harris
Vice President, Strategic Planning and Analysis
Texas Mutual Insurance